WORZALLA CEO to address Book Industry Guild of New York

WORZALLA CEO Jim Fetherston will be the keynote speaker at a meeting of the Book Industry Guild of New York on January 14 in New York City.

Mr. Fetherston’s topic is a familiar one, and vitally important to publishing insiders who will have a direct impact on the landscape of the industry as the year unfolds. The Guild brings together publishers and printers to share wisdom and insight into the future of the industry and, in particular, the future of the book.

During his long and ‘storied’ career Jim Fetherston has had the opportunity to work in books, magazines, catalogs and retail business segments. On the printing side, he has been involved in every platform from ultra-short run digital to high fidelity color in sheetfed and web offset all the way up to long run rotogravure presses that produce tens of millions of copies.

For the past three years Jim Fetherston has been working hard to create new opportunities for growth at employee-owned WORZALLA.

Add to all of his experience Jim’s obvious passion for books and vested interest in all things book-related, and the Guild will be treated to some unique perspectives on where Jim, and WORZALLA, would set a course for the future of the printed book.

All of us here at WORZALLA are proud of Jim and appreciative of the honor of addressing the Book Industry Guild of New York.

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