WORZALLA Press Manager Chet Plaski will retire on January 3, 2014, after 45 years of service.

Chet began his career with WORZALLA in 1967 in the days of Linotype, his first position as a Lockup Boy. He took lead-type pages composited in the Composing Room, arranged them in print format for press, then disassembled the type to return to Linotype.

Chet received his Journeyman card in Letterpress in 1971. Through the years he worked as a feeder, head pressman, working foreman, night plant superintendent, and ultimately press manager, heading up WORZALLA’s web and sheetfed press operations.

“The change in technology over the years has been amazing – overwhelming,” stated Chet. “In particular, the advent of imagesetters was a huge technology leap. When we left film behind it made printing so much easier.”

Chet developed great relationships with many customers. “A lot of customers I am still dealing with today that were with us when I became a supervisor in the 1980’s,” Chet commented. He has also had the pleasure of working with famous children’s book authors and illustrators on many award-winning books.

Chet has been a valuable leader in our press operation. But he has done much more for every associate here through his 27 years of service on the WORZALLA Board of Directors. Chet served on the Board since the employees purchased the company in 1986. He also served as a trustee of the ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). Chet’s volunteer service on the Board helped to guide and grow the company through many major transitions.

Chet is now looking forward to some personal time with his family. “I still have my ‘part time’ job on the farm,” he stated.

When asked if he had any advice for us for the future, Chet stated, “Worzalla has always been quality-driven. The customer has always been Number One around here, and that is what has kept us around for such a long time. If we continue doing that – if every person here continues doing that – that is what’s going to keep us around a lot longer.”

All of us at WORZALLA extend our gratitude and best wishes to Chet.

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